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Considering Fiverr as your 9 to 5 job, here are some tips for you

Considering Fiverr as your 9 to 5 job, here are some tips for you

Considering Fiverr as your 9 to 5 job, here are some tips for you


Hi everyone ! I’m Akshay Sihag (Web Developer/Designer) , I’m a Level 2 Seller and these are some tips from my experience if you are considering Fiverr as your 9-5 Job.

So, if you’re here you’re probably imagining the same thing as i am while writing this topic. I’ve been working on fiverr from past 10 Months now and I’ve been through every kind of stage you’ve been through, so let me get this thing straight, do you also believe Fiverr can be your only source of income and your daily 9 to 5 job ? Well, it is for me (Honestly saying). I quit my job back 4 months ago just to focus on fiverr and guess what ? My Earnings have tripled (Yes, that’s true).

I never thought i’ll be this successful my whole life, but here i am. It doesn’t matter what you do on fiverr, you just need to be very good at it and if you are then money will absolutely follow you.

So, if you’re thinking of Fiverr as your 9 t 5 job, then here are some very good tips to follow ( Which i follow as well) :

1. Make a Time Table

So, first of all make yourself a time table and follow it (Seriously). The best part of being a Free-lancer is you can wake up at any time in the morning you want. But waking up too late makes you lazy, eh ?

So, what should you do ? here’s, what i do……Wake up at 7, brush your teeth, make yourself a coffee (or tell your mom/wife to) and start your first session of 40 mins, Starting fresh early in the morning give you confidence and you’ll really love doing it. Then take a break , have some breakfast and go for another 40 min streak…. repeat this and take break after every 40 mins, and work till 5Pm or 6Pm (According to your potential). Then go out meet your friends, spend time with your family….give yourself a big break of about 4-5 hours…then do a last 60 min streak at around 10-11pm and then go to bed.

2. Make a Solid Relationship with your buyers

So, if you’re make a client so happy that He/She is leaving you a tip , then my friend ( You nailed it) . Make a solid relationship with that customer and i guarantee He/She will definitely recommend you to his/her friends/colleagues.

But, how to get that extra tip ? How to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction ?
In order to achieve this, your way of talking and buttery conversation will do 70% of your work. Treat your client like they are V.I.P and tell them how you can help them get what they want and show them how thankful you are that they chose you over thousands of other persons

3. Tell your family about your fiverr work

This was my very big Milestone which i achieved, i had to convince my parents that Fiverr is my permanent and Long term job and this is what i wanna do, if you can convince your parents/wife to believe in you, life becomes much more easier and you get their help and support in return.

4. Make your own rules and follow them

Now that you have decided to work permanently on fiverr, then you gotta make some rules for yourself, like for how much time you will work on fiverr everyday and how much time do you wanna give to your family and friends, because this is very important. Giving time to your family is as much important as your work. Just make some rules in your life and follow them, that way you won’t be burned out by working whole day and you can also spend some quality time with your friends and family.

5. Exercise

Well that’s very important, because working from home and not burning any energy all day will give you fat ( which obviously you don’t want) , join a nearby gym and go there everyday after you finish off your work ……you can also go to gym in morning. If you’re not a gym person, then you can go for a long walk with your friends/family and if you can’t even do that……. then you can do some yoga/exercise at home.

6. Wear Computer Glasses

If your job on fiverr is working on computers (Like me) then you should get yourself a pair of Computer glasses, they are very good in order to protect your eyes from direct light coming fro your laptop…..this won’t effect your eyesight and your eyes won’t get tired from working for long sessions in front of computer.

7. Keep that 20M Distance

You probably have read this one somewhere, if your work does not depend too much on your smartphone then keep it at a distance of 20M from you, that way even if you get a notification , you’ll feel lazy to get up and check your phone everytime you get a notification. Or you can simply Activate the Airplane mode if you can not stay away from your phone, then it’s best to keep it on Airplane mode.

So that wraps it up guys, hope you learned some tips from above and i hope they turned out to be useful for you too. Let me know any questions in the comments below !!

Thank you very much !

  • Chinedu 11:11 pm March 17, 2018 Reply

    Thank you very much Akshay,

    I also work on the web design niche and I must say the tips above would be very helpful to me. I do use computer glasses but I haven’t been doing much exercise lately.

    I will put all these to practice.

    Thanks again

    • Akshay Sihag 6:42 am March 18, 2018 Reply

      You should ! I go to gym regularly….sitting in front of laptop all day weakens your eyes !

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